by Shadowcaster

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These are ambient recording from our performance on 12/21/2012. For best results listen to them with headphones.

Track one :
Originally recorded live and in 5.1 surround sound, sit back, close your eyes and feel the destructive power of our sacred mother destroyer as you imagine us tormenting our stagepiano with sledgehammers, drums and horns, all while Kevin Foy smashes his one of a kind, hand painted mandalas.

Track 2:
A live (and in no way planned) recording of spontaneous music created by the crowd at our EXIT:LIFE event (on 12/21/2012). After destroying our piano and summoning the goddess Kali, the creative energy of the room was electrifying. After our glass mandalas had been destroyed as well as a piano earlier in the night there was now live ammunition, dead frogs, meat, blood and glass everywhere. The room looked like a warzone.

Out of that chaos came this recording.

These sounds were made by strangers to us. Using splinters of wood and the remaining components of our broken piano, it was neither planned for or expected that this might happen. The "musicians" involved did not seem to be in collaboration, nor were they necessarily even acquainted with each other. This unique recording illustrates the tone set that night.

...Rhythmic, chaotic, destructive and totally unpredictable.

Jai Ma Kali!


released December 21, 2012

cover photo taken by Doran Robischon



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